Our vehicles are well insured!

Liability with 100Mio€ sum insured flat rate

Fully comprehensive with €1000 deductible per claim

Protection letter for Germany and Europe:
- Breakdown and accident assistance at the site of damage
- Recovery of the vehicle after breakdown or accident
- Towing the vehicle after breakdown or accident
- Onward or return journey in the event of vehicle failure
- Overnight stay in case of vehicle failure
- Rental car in case of vehicle failure
- Spare parts dispatch
- Vehicle transport after vehicle breakdown
- Vehicle storage after vehicle failure
- vehicle customs clearance and scrapping
- Vehicle pickup after driver failure
- Drug delivery
- Cost of visiting the sick
- Medical repatriation
- Retrieval of children
- Assistance in case of death
- Home transport of pets (dog and cat)
- Early return home in the event of death or illness of a close person
- Trip callback service
- Assistance in special emergencies
Service Tel. : 0800 531-6666
The services listed above are only an excerpt from the general insurance conditions for motor vehicle insurance (AKB). Points A.3.5 to A.3.9 of the AKB of Nürnberger Versicherung are decisive for the exact scope.

There are no vehicle height, length or weight restrictions.